ICOEE  2016  19-20  November 2016,Zhu Hai,China

      2016 The International Conference on Optics and Electronics Engineering (ICOEE 2016) will be conducted in Zhu Hai, a famous tour

city in China, during November 19-20. The goal of ICOEE 2016 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as

well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Optics and

Electronics Engineering.

   - The conference has been held by The Scientific Research and Technical Service Center and Hebei University of Science and
   - ICOEE 2016 only accepts unpublished research papers in English. All accepted papers will be will be published by
  World Scientific Publishing, And be submitted to EI, CPCI(ISTP), Amazon Search Inside the Book, ISI Book Citation Index, OCLC,
EBSCOHOST, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) for indexing. Some excellent papers will be selected and recommended to
EI or SCI journals.
        2016年光学与电子工程国际会议将于11月在中国著名的旅游城市、“幸福之城”、“浪漫之城”之称的珠海市召开,会议旨在促进光学与电子工程领域的科研探索、技术创新、方法探讨,为国内外该领域同行提供一个学术交流的平台。热忱欢迎从事相关技术研究的专家、学者和专业技术人员踊跃投稿并参加。本次会议所录用文章将由新加坡的世界科技出版社(World Scientific Publishing)出版,并提交至EI, CPCI(ISTP), Amazon Search Inside the Book,  ISI Book Citation Index,  OCLC,  EBSCOHOST,  China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI)等著名机构检索。截至目前,该出版社EI检索正常。请大家放心投稿!

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