My experience in the Class

2010 May 17.
This is the first day of the course <innovative energy system> for the first year master in Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics.  Prof. Reinhard Radermacher from University of Maryland gave lectures in the class. He introduced the background of energy use and existing global challenges related to energy and environment.  To meet these challenges, it is very important to understand how the energy conversion system works, improve the existing system and develop novel high efficient system and make good use of renewable energy.  Prof. Radermacher taught the students use EES to solve questions on energy system.  This is a very good software and very useful as a tool of studying on energy conversion syste..

After class, I talked with Prof. Radermacher.  He is very interested in teaching, especially thermodynamics and renewable energy.  I am also interested in teaching renewable energy.  We talked about selecting textbooks.  He mentioned the book < Sustainable Energy — without the hot air>.  He is now using this book as renewable energy textbook in University of Maryland.  I once read through this book. There are a lot of interesting facts and data in this book. It does not just teach you what and how to do, but also encourage readers to calculate, think, and draw their own conclusions. The good news is that this book is available free in the following website:
I wish our students can download it and enjoy this excellent book.

2010 May 19.
Today, Prof. Ruzhu Wang and I led the students visited the Jonhson Controls manufacturing factory in Wuxi.  Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) is a global leader in energy and operational efficiency for buildings, innovative interiors for vehicles, and advanced vehicle power solutions. Since Professor Warren Johnson invented the first electric room thermostat in 1883, the company has grown exponentially, achieving over $38 billion revenue in 2008. Johnson Controls is ranked 58 on the Fortune 500, has 130,000 employees serving customers in over 150 countries.
It is truly an advanced factory. The manufacturing processes are very well organized.  The working environments are safe and clean.  The most interesting thing to me is the impeller in the centrifuge compressor.  It is amazing component. It is very compact and high efficient.  Students from different countries were very happy to have this technical tour.

2010 May 20.
The students are divided into 7 groups.  They cooperate to solve problems.  Then they present their results.  Their presentation showed that they worked hard and cooperated well.  I found the US students are more active and skilled in presentation.  Maybe one important reason is using English.   I think this is a good opportunity for our students to learn.  Also, we will give more training to our students on cooperative working and presentation in our future teaching.

2010 May 21.
I taught the students on solar energy and how to design a passive solar building in the morning class.  Students listened carefully and asked questions frequently.  I was very happy that students are interested in renewable energy.  I believe it is our task to teach the new generation of engineers with more knowledge and ability to use renewable energy.  In the afternoon class, I asked students survey the renewable technology used in the world EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China.  The students found a lot of useful information and became familiar with EXPO.  

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