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上学期曾请学院老师挑选Taylor & Francis电子数据库中的电子图书,感谢法学院老师的支持,百忙之中给我推荐了书单。近日,Taylor & Francis电子图书已经正式开通,网址为:http://sjtu.etailer.dpsl.net


 Law and the Media
 Principles of Criminal Law
 Australian Essential Tort Law
 Essential Tort Law
 Essential Criminal Law
 Insurance Law 2/e
 Modern Criminal Law

Intellectual Property Law Professional Practice Guid

Copyright and Creative Freedom
The Global Intellectual Property organisation
Company Law
Conflict of Laws
English French & German Comparative Law
Principles of Tort Law 3/e
Family & Matrimonial Law
Sustainability Land Use and the Environment
Principles of Conflict of Laws 3/e
Modern Tort Law 6/e
Private Law in Theory and Practice
Enforcing European Union Environmental Law
Constitutional & Administrative Law
Human Rights Controversies
International Law, Rights and Politics
Law of Obligations & Legal Remedies
Essential Constitutional Law
Principles of Company Law
Constitutional & Administrative Law
Human Rights and the Private Sphere


Tags: 数据库;图书;书单

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